yes, alwais with an i ;)

Slytherin!Harry AU + Bonus Ravenclaw!Hermione

we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided


I don’t care that JKR changed her mind

I don’t care that Harmione shippers are dancing the conga and that Romione shippers feel betrayed

I care that, once again, poor Ron gets the bloody short end of the stick.

He spent six and a half books/seven movies feeling he was second best at everything and finally shines and proves himself, ends up with the girl and the respect he deserves only to be told years later that it is a mistake….



They need to sort out their priorities!


They need to sort out their priorities!


hermione as the head of the department of magical law enforcement

hermione systematically and definitively closing every single loophole in the law that allowed anyone to be sentenced to azkaban without a fair trial 

hermione doing this, privately, for sirius




“Stay with me.”